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Learning Advantage
Learning Advantage is a company focused on meeting the needs of its clients by providing global best of breed e-Learning Solutions
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To be a leader in the African Learning Space, by supplying best of breed e-Learning Solutions to clients, and providing superior customer satisfaction
Learn'ing Ad'van'tage
n. 2.The knowledge or skill received by instruction or study; acquired knowledge or ideas in any branch of science or literature; erudition; literature; science; as, is a man of great learning. An. 1. Any condition, circumstance, opportunity, or means , particularly favourable to success, or to any desired end

Changing nature of work and expectation

The way in which most of us work has fundamentally changed during recent years and is continuing to change at a phenomenal rate. As a result expectations have changed too. We need to carry out our roles whenever and wherever we need it. The transition to improving and developing skills in the same way is a logical one.

New developments are coming to market faster than ever before and in many cases organisations have a global presence. Providing up to date product information to employees and customers wherever they are is essential. E-learning is the obvious choice.

Developing and retaining employees

Implementing effective e-learning offers HR and training departments their greatest opportunity to play a core role in their organisation. With sophisticated learning needs analysis, tailored e-learning modules linked to instructor led sessions and assessment via learning management systems, HR and training departments can play a crucial role in ensuring that their organisation has, and continues to develop, the right people with the right skill set. The assessment opportunities afforded by e-learning provide a “holistic” approach to development.

The opportunities for development offered by an organisation play a major part in both recruitment and retention success. This is where e-learning programmes, carefully designed to build on the organisational culture, vision and values contribute significantly.


e-learning is an efficient use of time and resources. Individuals can access modules when they need them rather than waiting for the next classroom session. They can revisit the modules at any time to reinforce the learning. Time can be spent on e-learning to fit in with the business timetable. There may be cost savings on accommodation, travel and instructor costs although these tend to be regarded as a bonus rather than the key business driver.

Effective design of e-learning will enable the user to not only understand the subject but return to the e-learning resource on a regular basis to refresh specific aspects and apply them to current work situations. This ‘just-in-time’ approach to training is highly effective and enhances the learning culture within the user and the organisation.

In many organisations, much of the infrastructure for delivering e-learning, the investment in intranets and internet access and learning management systems is already in place – and is often being under-utilised.