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Organisations of all sizes need to reduce training costs without sacrificing quality and effectiveness. The reasons are quite simple:
  • Employers can no longer afford the cost of travel and housing to transport employees from remote offices to instructor-led classroom sessions for every training need.
  • Employees engaged in the fast pace of business where doing more with less is a must, simply cannot spare the large blocks of time that traditional instructor-led classroom sessions require. MindLeaders understood this growing dilemma very well since it had been in the business of producing technology-based self-paced training since 1981 for large organizations of all types.
It is this insight and experience in technology based self-paced training that has made MindLeaders one of the leading developers of Web-based self-paced training (i.e. self-paced e-Learning) since 1996.

MindLeaders Curricula develop skills in the following areas:

  • Technical General
  • Technical Mainframe
  • Technical Microsoft
  • Technical Web Development
  • End User Business Skills
  • End User Desktop Computing
  • End User Home & Small Business
MindLeaders courses are accessible via the Internet or corporate intranets

Who is MindLeaders®

Columbus, Ohio-headquartered MindLeaders® has provided technology-based courseware since its founding 1981. In 1996, founder Carol Clark, now MindLeaders® president and CEO, recognized the potential for the development of training for presentation over the Internet. As a result, MindLeaders® refocused itself over the ensuing years to become one of the leading providers of subscription-based, self-paced e-Learning for ongoing business skills, desktop and technical training for learners located within businesses, organizations and government agencies of all sizes.

How effective is it?

  • Recent compilations of the data for all learners who took a pre-test, completed a course and took a post-test showed that the overall average scores were 62.6 percent for the pre-test and 78.8 percent for the post-test.
  • This documents an overall average gain in knowledge for learners using MindLeaders courses of 26 percent. What are the benefits?
With MindLeaders quality course content and real-time Internet presentation of courses, e-Learning users throughout the world gain the advantages of flexibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness and interactivity. In addition to scheduling flexibility that allows learners to do coursework anytime, anywhere, MindLeaders courses also are adaptable to the individual needs of the learner. For example, a custom learning path based on results from the individual's skills assessment testing, is created enabling learning to be solely focused on what has not yet been mastered. Providing a custom learning path prevents individuals from re-learning what has already been mastered and shortens the learning cycle.

Some notable benefits of choosing MindLeaders include:

  • Large Breadth Of Courses
    • Over 1000 courses spanning over 200 topics.
  • Courses targeted to provide:
    • Business Skills Development.
    • Technical Certification Preparation (Microsoft, Cisco, A+, etc.).
    • IT Skills Development (web page development, programming, mainframe, etc.).
    • Desktop Certification Preparation (Microsoft Office Specialist).
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