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Questionmark's mission is to provide products and support services for education and training. The company is privately owned, and has been growing at 40% per year since its inception.

• QuestionMark has more than 1,000 customers, with approximately 9,000 authoring systems installed with systems configured for almost 3,000,000 participants. Clients are from a wide range of industries and the world of education. These include banking, manufacturing, insurance, accounting, health care, primary and secondary education institutions, colleges and universities.

• QuestionMark, develops and supports the world's premier software for testing and assessment. This software enables users to write, deliver and mark surveys, tests, questionnaires and tutorials. Thousands of corporate HR professionals, trainers and educators in more than 40 countries use Question Mark.

• Applications include academic tests, product knowledge tests, attitude surveys, personnel evaluations, self paced study guides, and many others. The Question Mark software is available for create assessment with Windows or the web, deliver using Browsers, the Perception Secure Browser, or run-time systems for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Reporting is available for Windows PCs or can be run from browsers.

Perception product information

Questionmark Perception is packaged as Perception for Windows and Perception for Web. Perception for Windows is used to create, deliver and report on assessments using the Windows PC platform. Perception for Web, our most popular package, is used to administer assessments using the Internet or Intranets. Although the base modules are the same we have described their implementation in the table below:

Perception for Windows Perception for Web Create using: Windows PC Windows PC or a Web Browser Administer using: Windows PC Web Browser or a Windows PC Report using: Windows PC Web Browser

Perception for Windows Perception for Web
Create using: Windows PC Windows PC or a Web Browser
Administer using: Windows PC Windows PC or a Web Browser
Report using: Windows PC Windows PC or a Web Browser

Questionmark Perception helps you create and deliver tests, quizzes and surveys on Intranets, the Internet or using Windows PCs. You don't have to be a programmer!

• You can author questions using wizards in a Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP environment, and then store them within the question/assessment database.
• Candidates and respondents can log in, with a user name and password if desired, to take a test or respond to a survey.
• Questions are delivered in order or randomly.
• Perception provides feedback and scoring.
• Delivery is immediate. You can create item banks, randomize and shuffle questions to individualize assessments and quickly select html templates to specify the look and feel you require.

For low and medium stakes assessments using Perception for Web you can deliver to a standard browser such as Internet Explorer and/or Netscape. For high stakes exams, where the content is valuable, you can use the Perception Secure Browser to limit printing, navigation and save-to-disk functions.

Questionmark Perception offers:

• Secure or open environment for your assessments
• Easy-to-use assessment authoring tool
• Question banking organized by learning objective
• Interactive delivery on Intranets, the Internet and using Windows PCs
• Shuffle choices, with easy selection and randomization of questions
• Instant feedback to participants at item, topic and/or assessment levels
• Feedback can include hyperlinks to learning materials and web applications
• Adaptive branching based on how questions are answered
• Online viewing of results, reports and item analysis
• Nine report styles that you can customize
• Export answers for custom reporting
• Storage of answers, scores, and results in MS Access or SQL (Microsoft or Oracle) databases
• A spell checker

.....And much, much more!

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